A Dropshipping Transformation to Ecommerce Businesses

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India 25. January 2021 When the pandemic hit and the e-commerce market underwent marked changes, dropshipping quickly became the solution for online sellers. By 2020, the year-over-year growth rate was 7%, and over the past decade, dropshipping and e-commerce have generated more than $4 billion.

Learn how dropshipping works

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Drop-shipping is becoming increasingly popular and is a trend of the future. Baapstore quickly recognized this growing demand in 2016. Karthik Gurnani, founder of Baapstore, monitored future demand and helped with online sales even during the pandemic.

Large-scale e-commerce with dropshipping at Baapstore

Drop-shipping in India is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their e-commerce business. Dropshipping allows merchants to accept orders from customers without having products in stock. The dropshipping supply chain management system allows the contractor to reduce their concerns about the storage, packaging and shipping of products.

A subscription to Baapstore can be the answer to many e-commerce questions.

  1. Guaranteed wholesale prices

According to Baapstore, the secret of success for its reseller customers is access to products at specific wholesale prices. You may be wondering how the company can offer goods at wholesale prices and for one-off orders, but that is Baapstore’s motto. They don’t take commission on sales. The product labels are printed with the manufacturer’s stamp.

  1. Different product categories are available on Baapstore

Drop-shipping at Baapstore allows sellers to resell Indian products at a low wholesale price. Sellers have many options to select the desired product and display the prices. Baapstore also produces products under the brands Jockey, Triumph, Trilo, Enamore and other major brands. The only dropshipping platform in the world that offers branded products.

  1. Sell on any e-commerce platform and ship worldwide.

Baapstore sellers can sell on any platform such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay and more. In addition, sellers can use social media, chat programs and email to sell their products. Baapstore offers free shipping for over 26000 Indian PINs, offers product tracking numbers and same day delivery to international locations.

  1. Personalised e-commerce site

By registering with Baapstore, sellers get their own smart e-commerce site. Get an e-commerce site with 5 predefined design themes, full admin access, free cloud hosting and pre-integrated products, shipping, payment gateways. The site will offer free tools such as bulk import and export, marketing tools and much more.

  1. Automated trade show updates and free marketing tools

Baapstore offers an intelligent e-commerce site with automatic stock updates and automatic addition of new products. Maintaining an e-commerce site does not involve any manual work. This smart site includes free marketing tools with a coupon code generator, affiliate marketing tool and more.

To understand Baapstore’s approach, read MyStory’s interview of Karthik Gurnani, who strongly believes in focusing entirely on sales and profits without worrying about the technical aspects of e-commerce platforms.

Customer experience at Baapstore

Manjunath, a 44-year-old businessman from Delhi, spoke about his increased profits in an interview, citing Baapstore’s contribution to his business. Since 2009, the company has been selling its products online through various e-commerce platforms, including its website.

But he never liked the profits he made. Soon, he began looking for services to reduce additional costs and expand his online business. During his research, he came across Baapstore, a dropshipping service. He said: As an experienced online retailer, signing up with Baapstore was the best decision I ever made.

He also added: What fascinates me most about Baapstore is the access to sales of products that cost several million dollars. He also appreciates the fact that he has to spend little time and effort in running his e-commerce business. Its sales have increased dramatically. With its diamond subscription model, Baapstore helps solve technical problems in e-commerce such as shipping, packaging and inventory management.

Why Baapstor for the droppers?

Baapstore is a small company of Uptail Private Limited and is based in Chennai with several warehouses across India. It is also the leading provider of dropshipping services in India and remains a market leader. Baapstore has remained in this position to fully understand the requirements of the vendors and streamline their business. As customers increasingly rely on e-commerce services and prefer fast service, dropshipping has increased dramatically.

In the past, in traditional marketing, it was the inventory of goods that mattered most. But in the age of digitalization, marketing and sales are essential. Direct delivery services like Baapstore can become a platform for product management and technical tasks. While sellers can focus on selling and marketing products online. Learn more about Baapstore dropshipping with Kartic Gurnani’s ebook.



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