Boston based Hyderabadi entrepreneur Praveen Tailam, elected as the Chairman of the TiE Global Board of Trustees for the year 2021

Hyderabad | February 4, 2021: Hyderabadi, Praveen Tailam, has been elected chairman of the board of TiE Global. He is the first Hyderabadi in history to achieve this coveted position.

Praveen Tailam, the director of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Global, the world’s largest non-profit entrepreneurial organization dedicated to promoting global entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking, education, funding and incubators, said this in a press release issued today in Hyderabad.

Praveen is known in the TiE community as an entrepreneur, investor, start-up advisor, speaker, mentor and philanthropist. Prior to that, in 2018, he was vice president of TiE Global. After running his own consulting firm, Mr. Praveen’s interest in fostering start-ups led him to lead TiE Boston Angels, a thriving group of angels in the United States, and he became president of the TiE Boston Chapter in 2016. Praveen also owns several dental practices in New Hampshire and Maine. Praveen advises and invests in several startups.

On his election as Chairman of the Board, Mr. Pravin said, “2020 has been a challenging year and entrepreneurs, especially TiE members, have had to quickly reinvent themselves in the changing business landscape. The December 2020 Global TiE Summit, held in my home city of Hyderabad, was a great success with over 30,000 participants. It is a testament to the power of TiE. We will continue to strengthen cooperation between chapters and members around the world. TiE is well placed to advise central and state governments in proposing business-friendly policies to promote the start-up ecosystem and secure cross-border investments.” Pravin Tailam

Manohar Reddy, CEO of Feuji Inc. and President of TIE Hyderabad, congratulated Mr. Praveen and said, “We are very proud to have Hyderabadi as President of TiE Global. I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration this year and I am confident that Hyderabadi, as global president, will help us do so.” TIE’s mission is to support the journey of startups by connecting them with international entrepreneurs, mentors and access to investors and companies, enabling the growth and expansion that will take any business to the next level.

Praveen grew up in Domalguda, Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state. He is proud to be an alumnus of Hyderabad Public School in Ramanthapur in 1986 and co-founder of the HPSR USA Alumni Association. “Praveen was captain of the school’s cricket team and head of the prefecture. Praveen truly represents our school’s ethos of developing global leaders and has been instrumental in introducing an entrepreneurship program with TiE for our high school students. We are proud of what he has achieved. ” said Ashwin Rao, secretary of the HPSR Alumni Association.

The Global TiE Council is composed of TiE leaders and experts from around the world. Geeta Dang from Delhi, P.K. Gulati from Dubai, Pradeep Udhas from Mumbai, Smita Siddhanti from Washington, Dinesh Dhamiya from London, K.N. Madhusudan from Atlanta, Tariq Khan from New York, B.D. Arun (vice chair) from Silicon Valley. Ravi Narayan, CEO of T-Hab Hyderabad, Director of Innovation for the Telangana Government and former Global Head of Start-ups at Microsoft, is also on the board. Kali Prasad Gadiraju, President and CEO of Qubit A.I. Kali Prasad Gadiraju, Chairman and Managing Director of Qubit A.I., is a former Managing Partner of E.Y. and former Chairman of the Board of TiE Hyderabad.

TiE was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of entrepreneurs, CEOs and seasoned professionals with roots in the Indus region. TiE has 61 chapters in 14 countries and over 15,000 members worldwide. Hyderabad is very proud that its ground son has achieved such a position. TiE aims to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs. It connects an ecosystem of aspiring entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs and professionals from large corporations, venture capitalists and angel investors.

TiE’s global programs include TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurship) for high school students, TiE University for university students, TiE Global Angels and TiE India Angels, which fund start-ups and growth-stage companies, TiE Women, which provides opportunities for women entrepreneurs, and TIE Access, a program that targets disadvantaged communities and minorities.

TiE Global also established ten stakeholder groups in different areas, including education, healthcare, emerging technologies, financial technologies, gaming and media, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, social entrepreneurship and sustainability. The World TiE Summit conference provided an opportunity to empower the various actors in the startup community in Asia and around the world. The TiE Global Entrepreneur Awards is a new initiative that recognizes and honors outstanding entrepreneurs from around the world.

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