C3M launches C3M Playbooks with Security Orchestration Automation and Response capabilities

India’s leading cloud security platform announces an offering that will simplify security operations.

C3M, a provider of cloud security solutions offering C3M Cloud Control, a cloud security and compliance solution with a 100% API interface that enables organizations to gain full control of the cloud through an automated security system, announced the launch of its latest feature, C3M Playbooks. Playbooks brings security automation and response (SOAR) tools to the C3M cloud control platform and can help streamline security operations with a flexible, customizable and extensible platform that can support multiple patches or actions for cloud organizations. Playbook features will be available for AWS, GCP and Azure.

The launch of the C3M Playbooks is an important step for all of us at C3M. Our customers can now automate and orchestrate the response to multi-cloud security events without the need for manual intervention. Although cloud adoption is at a historically high level, security and compliance issues remain a concern in the cloud. One of the biggest challenges for organizations is the lack of resources for cloud security training. The automation features of the C3M Playbook can save organizations a significant number of working hours and speed up troubleshooting. This is especially useful for Indian companies facing a shortage of trained resources in the cloud, says Paddy Viswanathan, founder and CEO of C3M.

Paddy Viswanathan - C3M Paddy Viswanathan – C3M

The Playbooks framework consists of 5 different steps and can be easily implemented to manage and monitor the security of AWS, GCP and Azure infrastructure data. System administrators can also configure the Playbook according to their needs. Deploying the Playbook is a simple 5-step process that allows security teams to easily pre-configure the response to security events in the real-time cloud on AWS, GCP and Azure infrastructures. Customers can also configure the playbooks to adapt to their maturity and security needs. Custom actions can be written using a serverless frame.


C3M Cloud Management Logo C3M Cloud Management Logo

C3M offers C3M Cloud Control, an API-based solution that gives organizations full control of the cloud through automated cloud-based security systems. Their platform enables security teams to easily and effectively implement security, compliance and access controls into a range of online tools. C3M Cloud Control also helps assess and simplify the security and compliance monitoring of third-party cloud computing. The C3M Cloud Control platform can be hosted in SaaS mode or deployed in an enterprise public cloud environment. This solution is preferred by leading companies in the financial services, e-commerce, retail and media sectors. Managed security service providers, security consulting providers and risk and compliance management professionals also use the platform to address their customers’ security and compliance challenges in the public cloud. C3M Cloud Control can also be used to assess and simplify cloud security and third-party compliance monitoring.

C3M is based in San Francisco, USA. The development and operations teams are based in Cochin and Bangalore. They are also represented in the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom through partner networks.

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