Ed-tech Firm Talentedge doubles revenue in 2 years and crosses 17.5 million learning hours

Talent doubles its income in 2 years and reaches 17.5 million training hours Talent doubles its income in 2 years and reaches 17.5 million training hours

The year 2020 has changed the way the world works, but one of the most radical changes has been in the field of education. India’s talented IT leader, who pioneered the use of online and interactive learning in the virtual world to improve access to quality education, has seen its revenues double in the past two years thanks to a strong increase in applications, partnerships and authorisations by 2020.

Through some of the strongest partnerships with the most prestigious higher education institutions, Talentedge offers one of the industry’s leading courses in all disciplines and is one of the most respected organisations in higher and executive education in India.

Although the information technology industry has made a lot of noise this year, the growth and democratisation of higher education and the training of executives has been driven by hidden talents. While the company has also experienced rapid growth in recent years, Talentedge has added 15 new courses to its portfolio this year, bringing the total number of learning-oriented courses to over 250. Among these, HR, analysis, leadership, strategy and marketing courses were the most valued. In addition, the company has added more than 8 leading academic institutions to its list of renowned university partners and has spent more than 17.5 million training hours, a testament to the quality of the courses offered through its business model.

In order to position itself as the trusted partner in higher education and executive education for students of different age groups and at different stages of their careers, Talentedge continuously adds various additional services to its platform. As an organization that believes in result-oriented learning, it offers internship guidance so that participants have a new perspective on life after graduation. An earlier report published in 2019, the National Employment Report, demonstrated the deplorable level of employability of our engineers, so the silent intervention that talent has done to make the industry more ready for India’s demographic dividend has indeed been the best.

Using its own research-based methodology, it develops its courses in collaboration with both academic institutions and the business community. This has helped Talentedge create its niche with an offer that gives students from all over the country access to the best learning opportunities at the most prestigious institutions. This collaboration with the Industry Academy has really made a difference in the company. The rapid penetration of the Internet and the increased emphasis on e-learning have accelerated the development of electronic technology in India in recent years. While subways have always responded better to information technology, other countries have also seen an increase in 2020, with 45% of trainees coming from these countries for their talents. This trend seems to be increasing as students of all ages and locations try to add quality education and certification to their repertoire.

Aditya Malik, CEO and Managing Director of Talentedge, spoke on the subject: We are already seeing a shift towards digital learning as learners try to broaden their horizons through reputable educational institutions and our mentors in the sector. By mimicking the learning environment in the digital world, we enable students to take lively, interactive lessons that enable active participation and give meaning to learning. We have always strived to offer the most relevant courses in cooperation with the country’s leading educational institutions and industry. All these factors together have ensured that more than 95% of our students have achieved the best results in their careers and jobs. My goal is to build an extensive technological ecosystem with the highest standards of education that promotes results-oriented learning, and we are well on our way to achieving this.

To continue to provide an excellent experience for interns, Talentedge has recruited more than 250 people as a result of the dramatic increase in the number of examinations and admissions, and has strengthened the management team to advance to 2021 and beyond.

About talent: Talents

Ed-Tech, a talented company, has pioneered live, interactive learning around the world using digital resources and has changed the way learning is done in India. It offers more than 250 courses from more than 70 leading Indian and international institutions. Talentge enables professionals to plan their future direction and accelerate their careers by offering courses in collaboration with world-renowned institutions such as e-Cornell, IIMs, XLRI, MICA, SPJIMR and others.

Talentge recreates class-like interaction in a virtual world and has inspired more than 450,000 people and business students. It is one of the first IT organizations to receive ISO certification: 9001-2008.

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