Experian India Launches Ascend Market Insights; Leveraging Bureau, Fraud and Alternative Data on a Single Platform

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | February 18, 2021: Experian, a global leader in information services, has launched Ascend Market Insights, a new business intelligence platform that performs advanced analytics on multiple data sets to help banks and financial institutions make smarter credit decisions. In India, Experian is one of the country’s largest credit bureaus and a data analysis and decision making company. Ascend Market Insights integrates Experian India’s credit bureau data with aggregate data from the Experian Hunter CUG (Fraud Consortium) to provide insights into trends that drive business growth. Experian is the world’s largest information society.

Ascend Market Insights is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that provides automated and descriptive information on credit and fraud data, as well as granular data at the PIN and other levels. It can also accept alternative data, including data from financial institutions, and provides the flexibility to view sub-segments and geo-analytic trends based on product market size and geographic expansion strategy, as well as the ability to analyze consumer trend profiles (borrowers) over time.

“The COWID-19 pandemic has posed serious challenges to financial institutions in terms of portfolio management and higher risks arising from the potential of secured lending. Banks and financial institutions need to identify customer sub-segments for risk management, which is even more difficult in the current climate. They need help to realign their policy parameters and dashboards. Ascend Market Insights gives financial institutions access to credit and fraud data and powerful, out-of-the-box analysis. This data helps them make smarter, data-driven decisions,” said Ashish Singhal, Managing Director of Experian Credit Information Company in India.

Commenting on the launch of Ascend Market Insights, Steve Griffiths, Managing Director of Analytical Solutions at Experian Asia Pacific said, “At Experian, we have always strived to develop products and solutions that help companies achieve their goals. With the launch of this platform, we aim to help our clients implement anti-fraud strategies.” A powerful tool such as Ascend Market Insights enables banks to make informed and intelligent decisions that are accelerated by combining the power of the Experian desktop with fraud data.

With Ascend Market Insights, banks and financial institutions can compare and benchmark their loan portfolio against similar products in the industry or take an in-depth look at the product segment in which their business operates. The platform can provide information on the penetration rates of different customer segments, customer acquisition and retention, and the level of default in the business.

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