From lonely Lockdown to a thriving Business

India Cuisine, a Kolkata-based startup, has an inspiring story to tell.

In March 2020, all of India was closed due to the pandemic and people were forced to stay home for fear of infection. Umashankar was no different from other people.

In Bengal, people are used to eating sweets after meals. His family also follows the same tradition, but after a few days of blockade, their sweets run out and after every meal they crave for sweets. Sometimes they have homemade sweets, but they always miss the taste of authentic Bengali sweets, desi ghee and dried fruits, this is where the history of Indian cuisine began.

“I always wanted to start my own e-commerce business and during the lockdown I had time to make my dream come true. Just like everyone else was struggling at home, my merchandising business was also struggling. Being so fond of sweets, I came up with the idea of an e-commerce business in West Bengal. My wife Shruti supported me in this and told me, “Don’t worry about the existing business, why don’t you explore the idea? I was now determined to chase my dream. – Umashankar said

“I am from Kolkata and was familiar with the delicacies of West Bengal. In today’s electronic world, everything is just a click away. I started researching authentic local brands and discovered that over the years they had gained worldwide trust and acceptance, but were not organized. I saw a huge potential in this sector and it is now my dream to deliver all Indian food to the kitchens of West Bengal,” – said Umashankar.

After extensive research, Mr. Umashankar began working on his e-commerce site and during his activities, his wife Shruti is fully involved in his activities as she is a professional, allowing her to fully participate in the business.

The site is easy to use, with different sections for special occasions and categories, so anyone can store without worry. The site also has an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of personal information and provide customers with a secure payment gateway.

They are launching an e-commerce website that sells the best quality authentic, famous and local West Bengali food all over India. Everyone knows that Calcutta is famous for its sweets, crispy snacks (especially muri) and of course Darjeeling tea, but few people know that there are so many cuisines and foods that are not so famous, but that capture the hearts of foodies, such as Bengali masalas, crispy fried, after dinner Bengali snacks (tok jhaal) Mishti chanahur, jaal chanahur) and many others. Kolkata is said to be “the city of joy” and the people here are lovers of food.

“In Indian cuisine, we have to deal with a brand owner or a direct distributor. Our dream now is to serve delicious West Bengal dishes with every Indian dish. Kolkata has had many successful starts and we want to take the next step in the same direction,” – said Mr. Umashankar.

They have authentic Bengali, desi ghee, dried fruits – delicious treats you can never get enough of. Tea is a specialty of West Bengal. You can’t deny how much you love tea, after meals (a must after every meal or just because), a variety of fruits to complement your vacation and family time, Instant Blend – enjoy your favorite dish in minutes, fasting foods and falchari are as clean as your fast, staples and spices to give you a regional gourmet experience, and dried fruits for healthy chewing.

From Bengali Sandesh, Rosogolla, Jaal Muri, Tok Jaal Mistha Chanachur, homemade chocolates, to Marwari Bhujia, Chanachur, Moti Pak, Rajbog, Gulabjamun, Kaju Barfi, Kaju Pista Roll and many more. Everything you think you will find here.

The new business brought some challenges, especially when dealing with people who have no experience with e-commerce and packaging for online delivery.

Initially, all these problems were solved one by one using Umashankar’s experience in business and Shruti’s ideas.

Thanks to the automation of the process, simple instructions, special grocery packaging and direct money transfers, retailers began to feel comfortable.

“Because of the pandemic, everyone is aware of health and safety issues and we have had detailed discussions with each supplier to ensure that extra precautions are taken with each order. Our courier partners also have a standard procedure they follow for disinfection of vehicles, packages and free shipping,” explains Shruti.

They started their business on January 1, 2021 with 51 products and 5 categories, currently they sell 174 products and 9 categories. Have made several deliveries across India with over 25 positive reviews and 5 stars on all products. Initially started with 2 people, now a team of 5 people. They have also launched a gift section on their website on February 1, 2021. They offer special discounts on gifts for weddings, births, birthdays and other events that are unique in their own way.

This idea is a matter of convenience for the customers. They can have their favorite candies, names, dishes and foods they have heard about and dreamed of delivered to their homes.

Check out their full collection:

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