HyLyt ties up with MSME Business Forum for enabling ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’

New Delhi | February 17, 2021: HyLyt, a technology platform for unified information management and collaboration, has partnered with the MSME Business Forum to equip medium, small and micro enterprises with technology capabilities and help them ensure comprehensive data security and protection in their small businesses. HyLyt, a fully localized “Made in India” application, aims to provide small businesses with an affordable solution that allows them to take control of their data and build the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” story.‘Atmanirbhar.jpg

Commenting on the launch, Ravi Nandan Sinha, Director, MSME Business Forum India said, “In most organizations today, data and other information is managed in isolated silos by independent teams using different data management tools. Tools like Hylyt bring everything under one roof and pave the way for data management as a business asset.”

He added that innovative technology is now an important tool for SMEs to increase efficiency and standardization. We believe that this collaboration will greatly help Indian SMEs.

Announcing the partnership with MSME Business Forum, Rajat Singhania, founder of HyLyt by SocioRAC, said, “I strongly believe that India’s small and medium enterprises need more technological interventions to be effective and competitive. HyLyt is an effort to help these companies throughout their life cycle and adapt to the changing style of business environment.”

In the age of the jitter economy, projects sometimes require teams made up of freelancers or people who do not work in the same organization or even in the same country. Digital collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important for these applications because they enable remote working and reduce costs,” he added.

Access to technology and transforming businesses into efficient production units is the only way to succeed in the times ahead. HyLyt is a unique technology based on multiple applications and data warehouses for communication and collaboration that helps small businesses manage teams and increase productivity. The application helps prevent data breaches and provides a 360-degree view of all important information in one place.

The application is an intelligent product designed, on the one hand, for optimal productivity and, on the other hand, versatile and user-friendly. The application can be adapted to the users, the organization and all stakeholders in the company, making it self-sufficient and less dependent on staff.”

Some highlights of a unique application to the MSME industry:

  • Store your data on your own server: HyLyt offers SMBs the option of storing your data on your own server if you wish.
  • Extract data and restrict access: protect your organization’s IP address by revoking access rights or returning sensitive data at any time.
  • Setting Permissions: HyLyt helps organizations define who can view, share and modify data within the application itself.

HyLyt not only ensures data security and performance compatibility, but also can connect and communicate with data in any format from any other platform and helps you easily retrieve the right information using tags. In this way, HyLyt helps small businesses save time and share relevant information without wasting time.

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