IndiVillage Receives Global Award for Excellence in Impact Sourcing

Bengaluru | February 24, 2021: IndiVillage, a social enterprise that focuses on impact sourcing to provide the best BPO and ITeS solutions, has received an international award for its impact sourcing efforts. The award was presented by the International Association of Outsourcing Service Providers (IAOP) in the Global Impact Sourcing Award (GISA) 2021 category. The award recognizes the company’s efforts to improve the lives of thousands of people in rural India while providing world-class services to clients around the world.

IndiVillage, awarded for promoting and popularizing the impact of sourcing in the industry, focuses on combining purpose and profit and shows that success and social responsibility can go hand in hand. In its offices in Emmiganur, Andhra Pradesh, and Raichur, Karnataka, IndiVillage employs more than 300 people from local communities, in line with its philosophy of “Business for Good,” providing organized employment and better living conditions in areas that would otherwise not have access to these activities. Through extensive training and professional development, these teams help the company deliver cutting-edge solutions such as image and data annotation, natural language processing and content optimization for leading technology and e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Appen, Alegion, Swiggy, Taranis, Mercato and Inkers.

IndiVillage strives to have a greater impact on women and rural communities through deliberate scaling, responsible business practices and employee-centered initiatives. Through its “win-win” model, where profits are reinvested in the community, IndiVillage has impacted more than 35,000 lives through sustainability initiatives such as access to clean water, improved livelihoods, better healthcare and standardized education. Smita Malipatil_CEO_IndiVillage (3)

“Impact is at the heart of everything we do,” says Smita Malipatil, CEO of IndiVillage. “From the procurement process to employee training initiatives to business plans, every aspect of IndiVillage’s work helps improve the lives of our communities. The key to this approach is the impact on public procurement, and we are committed to promoting this practice as a benchmark for the industry.” Receiving a GISA from IAOP is an extraordinary moment for us and a testament to the incredible efforts of the IndiVillage team. We believe that progress is only meaningful if it is equitable. This belief underpins our entire strategy and planning and allows our impact to grow year after year. This is the growth we strive for”.

Debi Hamill, CEO of IAOP, commented on IndiVillage’s victory as follows: “Our world needs more responsible companies that want to make a difference. Impact should be a parameter that organizations measure and continuously improve.” This is something IndiVillage has done well”. Last year, IndiVillage’s company was named Impact Sourcing Champion in our Global Champions Index, and this year’s nomination is a testament to its outstanding efforts.” By basing its success on a few improved livelihoods, IndiVillage is not only setting an example for other companies, but also recognizing that profit and purpose complement, not counter, each other. As the first Indian STI company to achieve Certified B Corp status, IndiVillage has a reputation for adopting and maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards, taking into account community impact and the sustainable scale of business growth. The GISA is another milestone towards the vision of a just world based on ethical, inclusive and transformative resources.

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