MahaDAO’s ARTH Goes Live in India; Over 5000 Investors Foresee a Solution to Currency Depreciation

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | 23. January 2021 : MahaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) managed by its users, the MAHA community, officially opens the first era for ARTH, the world’s first non-depreciating currency. The currency was developed to improve existing stables with prices that must constantly follow the pressure of the currency and on elastic stable protocols that are in the compression phase almost all the time. ARTH also has the advantage of encouraging DeFi users to pool their assets and earn inflationary rewards. ARTH will be available to Indian investors at at 3.30pm GMT today. Instructions for accessing and navigating the ARTH can be found at

ARTG Mahadao in India.

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Commenting on the availability of ARTH parts to Indian investors, Pranay Sanghavi, co-founder and commercial director of MahaDAO, said that India is one of the key emerging markets for cryptocurrents, and we see great potential and interest among Indian investors in the field of cryptocurrency. The subcontinent is increasingly focusing on the cryptocurrency segment and ARTH is a value that will provide investors with stability of wealth and subsequent value creation.

He went on to say: The ARTH value document uses intelligent contracts to execute transactions at a stable price. This elastic supply mechanism is designed for ARTGs to encourage either a reduction or an increase in the supply of tokens, similar to the way central banks manage the supply of fiduciary money.

Unlike other securities backed by the U.S. dollar, the ARTN security is backed by a basket of untied assets in the ARTN vault and retains (and even increases) its purchasing power independent of broader market movements. The protocol mechanism is designed to initiate the automatic rebalancing logic, which keeps the net purchasing power of the component stable.

The ARTH Value exhibition is linked to an index of different assets, some of which are well-known traditional financiers and others are digital financiers of the new era. B. :

  • 80% Global currencies
  • 15% gold
  • 5% bitcoin

So when oil prices fall, gold and BTC go up, and when BTC falls, oil prices go up. This gives it a stable cost. Over time, the possibilities of adding new features to the basket are endless. The ARTH will seek to maintain the bond with GMU through a complex system of bonds that can be redeemed or purchased when the bond is reset.

If the value of Bitcoin rises to $40,000 in 2021, the current capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is estimated at $673 billion. This has led to an increase in crypto exchanges around the world and in India. But since March 2020, when the global boom began, the number of deals in India has increased by 12%. The total amount blocked in DeFi worldwide has increased from less than $1 billion in March 2020 to more than $22 billion today.

With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, Mr. Sanghavi concluded: As one of the largest investors of the millennium in crypto assets, India will add tremendous value to the ARTN crypto ecosystem by increasing the pace and growth of the Indian economy.



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