Mangaluru becomes Data Driven with Integrated Command Control Centre

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Feb. 5, 2021: The Mangaluru Integrated Command Control Centre (ICCC), part of the Mangaluru Smart City Limited project, enables the city government to make strategic decisions on transportation, surveillance, waste management, disaster relief and many other city operations based on real-time data analysis. The intelligent city of Mangaluru

Major applications of the ICSC include an intelligent traffic management system, a waste management system, a unified messaging system, a public information system, and an emergency alert and response system. Consisting of various layers and components, ICCC collects, integrates and processes data from different types of sensors in real time. The development of One Touch Mangaluru, a master platform for accessing all services and managing operations via the web and mobile devices, is nearing completion.

Mangaluru will become the first city in Karnataka to introduce a waste management system based on a QR code, with a QR code assigned to each house. Waste collectors can scan the code after collecting the waste – they can also enter additional information, such as whether the house is closed, using a handheld device. The entire process can be tracked, monitored and managed using the data, maps and reports displayed on the ICSC. Of the city’s 60 neighborhoods, 10 are already covered by the smart waste collection system – and collection staff have been trained. Final tests are underway in three departments. Residents can also file complaints through the One Touch Mangaluru mobile application from their smartphones.

Mangaluru is also equipping itself with smart electricity poles, which have become an important part of the smart city infrastructure. Surveillance systems, integrated cameras and sensors, and communication technologies to create an intelligent environment are new to the urban landscape. Smart poles are connected to the ICSC and help authorities monitor the various services – including traffic – offered in the city. Since the condition of the poles can be determined remotely, there is no need for physical inspection of the poles.

Video surveillance on these poles can help police maintain public order, as the poles can help detect traffic violations, criminal activity and respond to emergencies. With Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and intelligent technology poles, emergency services and first responders have a powerful and intelligent detection tool that can help them close gaps in emergency response. Intelligent hubs can help identify areas of high pollution and assist managers in taking local action to control emissions.

Mangaluru is one of the pioneers of Karnataka in implementing the TSCC. The MMSCP proved its worth during the COWID pandemic, when it was used as an emergency center for the Mangaluru municipal government.

Madras Security Printer Private Limited (MSP), a 42-year-old company specializing in e-governance, information technology and ICT solutions, smart card solutions, identity management, biometric solutions, data centers and high security printing, is the local system integrator for ICCC in this port city. MSP is also the Master System Integrator (MSI) for the centralized data center set up at the Karnataka Municipal Data Corporation in Karnataka, Bengaluru, to connect five smart cities in the state and host the data for the cities at the center.

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