Startup “Meddey” Changing the Way India Lives & Smiles through Chronic Diseases

New Delhi, Delhi, India | February 9, 2021: Meddey Technologies Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of a completely redesigned and intuitive website at a corporate event held yesterday at its offices in Delhi. Meddey expands its product range in wellness and chronic diseases

“With this launch, the much needed need for a simple and user-friendly medical device website has been met after a very long period of time. The new user interface has been designed with our customers and healthcare providers in mind so that they can make an informed decision when making a purchase,” explains Pawan Arora, co-founder and CEO.

Meddey is a Delhi-based startup that provides products and solutions to treat chronic diseases of its customers. In three years, the company has acquired 1.2 lakh customers in India with about 6000 PINs.

It was in 2017, while working for one of the world’s largest medical device companies, that Mr. Pavan realized that a very large population needed conservative or preventive care, as well as post-treatment rehabilitation, and was largely unaware (including caregivers) of the role medical technology could play in helping them live better. Chronic conditions require long-term care – outside the hospital and without constant medical care. Pawan shared his dream with his university friend Alok Kapoor, who had a deep knowledge of technology, and together they developed the concept of a “platform of curative medical products for chronic diseases.” This was confirmed by the fact that many healthcare professionals supported the idea and saw the need for such a solution and contextual content to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and patients.

Given the lack of such a platform in healthcare, was created. Users can find products based on diseases, affected body parts or categories (e.g. home care). In addition to an intuitive website for online consumers, the company also has an enterprise application that recommends products to doctors, and kiosks in clinics for immediate delivery of certain key products.

“One of the reasons our customers love coming back to us is the ability to talk to our support team throughout the purchase cycle about choosing the right product or brand in the right price range for the application and customer service,” says Pavan.

The company has exciting plans to expand its product line and tap into new markets by creating a hyperlocal model with operations across the country. Another focus is technology, which will be explored to create contextual experiences for consumers and caregivers based on their preferences and previous purchases, using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

So far, the company has laid a solid foundation for growth in 2021 and beyond, with about 5,000 transactions per month and a bill value of Rs. 1.000.

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