UIncept is Back With The Second Season of iXi Summit To Bring Together Investors, Startups And C-Suite Executives in Edtech

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28. January 2021 : As the pandemic has provided sufficient impetus for the adoption of advanced technologies in India, the size of the market for advanced technologies in India is expected to increase by a factor of 3.7 over the next five years from a figure of $2.8 billion. In terms of total global spending, edtech is growing at 16.3% and will grow by a factor of 2.5 between 2019 and 2025.

To do this, actors in the edtech ecosystem are working hard to bring these ideas to the public in the form of summits and programs. One of these players is UIncept Global Accelerator. Since its inception, Accelerator has worked with over 40 startups (mostly IT-related), helping them raise funds and grow.

To reinforce the post-Covid message of building a promising Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company and continue to put young entrepreneurs in the spotlight, UIncept recently teamed up with AWS EdStart to launch the iXi 2021 Summit, which will take place on March 4 and 5. The month of February will take place on the virtual platform. AWS EdStart is an Amazon Web Services startup accelerator for entrepreneurs creating next generation eLearning, analytics, and campus management solutions in the cloud.

The two-day summit, iXi, which stands for Ideas Meet Investments, is designed to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and policymakers to reinvigorate the post-Covid business creation program.

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The iXi 2021 Summit invites a wide range of startups, edtech CEOs, mentors and subject matter experts to discover new ideas. Through this summit, UIncept gives start-ups from around the world the opportunity to address issues such as attracting the right investors, getting mentors, understanding the right approach to enter the market, etc.

Influenced by the pandemic, the demand for information and communication technology in India has risen sharply by 2020. As an accelerator, our mission is to support edtech start-ups worldwide and create a community of edtech entrepreneurs for edtech entrepreneurs. – Manish Gupta, founder and chief mentor of UIncept.

The deadline to register for the iXi Summit is 31. January, sign up now before all seats are taken.

IXI Registration

Why is the iXi 2021 Summit important for startups?

The iXi Summit provides a platform for start-ups to interact with successful entrepreneurs, learn from their experiences, gain insight into the dynamics of scaling, and much more. During this two-day summit, UIncept will host workshops, roundtable discussions and other activities to give IT entrepreneurs insight into the market reality and investment scenario.

Creation of a future-oriented edtech company

The Summit offers several workshops to give entrepreneurs insight into the many aspects of building a scalable business. These include topics such as :

  • Edtech Business Challenge : High cost per customer call
  • National education policy 2020, what does this mean for the information and communication technology sector?
  • Businesses Create personalized learning paths and more.

Women in edtech micro-communities

To increase women’s participation in the ecosystem of startup accelerators, there will be a roundtable discussion on the role of women in the micro-communities of the Edtech revolution.

Other group discussions

Immediately after recognizing the role of the Accelerators’ targeted mentoring programs and investors’ willingness to invest in the information technology sector, the iXi 2021 Summit took place.

Other benefits and opportunities for start-ups

  • The panel of investors and funds presents the investment potential.
  • Finding the right mentors to develop the business idea.
  • Networking with other start-ups and entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Access to the UIncept Accelerator network of mentors, investors and startups.

Who’s who in the world of start-ups?

Among the confirmed participants of the iXi Summit are many big names from the world of start-ups who have joined the UIncept team as speakers and investors.

Speakers at the Summit :

  • Shreyasi Singh, Harappa Education
  • Upneet Grover, GetMyUNI.
  • John Gamba, Catalyst Penn GSE.
  • Majid Mneimne, Pearson Middle East.
  • Michael Forshaw, Edtech Impact.
  • Guri Gupta, Central Square Foundation.

Investors at the top:

  • Dhyanu Das, Alpha Ventures
  • Vikram Gupta, IvyCap Ventures
  • Manish Johari, Head Angel
  • Rahul Dronamraju, Hunch Ventures.
  • Shiva Shanker, the capital of Ankur.
  • Vinod Keni, Artha Venture Fund

With the virtual existence of the new standard, the reach this year is much bigger and we are calling on all kinds of startups, investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world to participate in the second round of the IXI Summit, added Divvia Guptaa, CEO of UIncept.

IXI Hackathon summit and investor platform

In hackathons, the theme is edtech & skilling. UIncept and its holding company carefully select hackathon participants based on their problem solving techniques, team composition, previous development experience, etc. Interesting prizes for the winners.

UIncept organizes a virtual pitch for investors of edtech start-ups who want to invest or coach to accelerate their growth. Candidates are invited to submit their applications:

1. nascent entrepreneurs in advanced technologies who have already worked on their business ideas. They can also take place at the high school or college level.

2. Edtech startups that already have an MVP and want to grow and learn from successful entrepreneurs. These start-ups need to have good traction/payment of customers and revenue on their accounts. The deadline to register for the iXi Summit is 31. January, sign up now before all seats are taken.



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